Andrew Eddleston Pottery
Andrew Eddleston Pottery
Ivy Urn
Shell Urn
Coloured Ivy
Terracotta Ivy
Coloured Shells
White Shells
Dimensions: Height approx 46-50cm Width approx 34cm
    The Garden Ware is made from a grogged terracotta. The urns are thrown in two sections with a coiled and thrown rim. Once thrown and leather hard the decoration is added. The leaves and shells are made individually in press moulds and applied to the pot and modelled in. There can be up to 100 individual leaves or shells depending on the design. When dry the pot is bisque fired ready for glazing. The shells or leaves are individually painted with coloured glazes and then high fired to 1180 degrees C approx which makes them highly frost resistant.
    All urns are made to order. Please use the contact page for further information.
    Thank you.
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