Andrew Eddleston Pottery
Andrew Eddleston Pottery
This page illustrates just a few of the commissions I have done.
Harvest Jug
Salt Pigs
Commemorative harvest jug.
Slip decorated with sgraffito
and honey glazed.
Thrown in white earthenware
with coloured glazes.
Roof Finial
Garden Pot
Thrown in sections in grogged red earthenware.
High fired to 1180 degrees C approx.
Garden pot with modelled elephants.
High fired earthen ware.
H28cm x W40cm
Blue Bird Plate.
Little Owl Plate.
Sgraffito decoration,
painted with coloured slips.
Sgraffito decoration,
painted with coloured slips.
Tall Lidded Jar
Tall lidded jar
with wave design and sea bird knob.
Commisioned as urn.
Life size.
Modelled in white earthenware,
painted with acrylics.
Tear Drop Shaped pots
Thrown, cut and shaped.
Stamped decoration.
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